A help desk for people, not cogs

Yetto is a help desk built by support professionals for support professionals, made to connect your whole company to your customers.

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Get to the stuff that matters.

Stay focused without context switching. Filter the inbox to see only the conversations you want to work through. Then work through the conversations with all of the context you need to close them out. All without clicking around to other tabs and pages, and without administrative clutter getting in your way.

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Stop chasing the conversation.

Yetto connects conversations across all the systems you and your colleagues use. Your coworkers can see the conversation while staying in the tools they love, and you can see everything in one place no matter where your coworkers are working. Watch your resolution times drop as you spend less time looking for answers and more time solving problems.

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Get a full picture.

Unearth your customer data so that everyone can move faster and make better decisions. Support data should be easy to share with the rest of your company, and customer data should be easy to bring into conversations when you need it. Yetto makes it fast and easy to get data where you want it, when you want it.

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Your help desk should help you, too

Historically, customer support has been siloed from the rest of the business. Call centers have been our norm. But today's support teams no longer work in a silo, and neither should their tools.

We know that organizations are able to innovate and build faster when teams have tools that are tightly connected. The way we work has changed for the better over the past twenty years, yet help desk software is still built for old ways of working.

At Yetto, we're creating the next generation of support tooling, built from the ground up to streamline the work of supporting customers for all the teams involved in this process.

Bring business data directly into conversations where it's needed without the cost of building and maintaining internal apps. Sync messages across tools without duplicating work or losing time by copying messages back and forth. Communicate with teams across the company and with customers across all of your channels without the need for multiple tools, and without your colleagues having to leave the platforms where they work.