Design partner agreement

Last updated: Thu Apr 25 2024 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


This Agreement has 2 parts: (1) the Key Terms on this Cover Page and (2) the Common Paper Design Partner Standard Terms Version 1 posted at (“Standard Terms”), which is incorporated by reference. If there is any inconsistency between the parts of the Agreement, the Cover Page will control over the Standard Terms. Capitalized and highlighted words have the meanings given on the Cover Page. However, if the Cover Page omits or does not define a highlighted word, the default meaning will be “none” or “not applicable” and the correlating clause, sentence, or section does not apply to this Agreement. All other capitalized words have the meanings given in the Standard Terms.

Key Terms

The key legal terms of this Agreement are as follows:


The Product is a support help desk application that connects support professionals to their customers and to their internal colleagues outside of the support organization.


As part of the Program, Partner will:

  • Participate in 2 Feedback sessions per month
  • Appear as a customer in private customer lists
  • Appear as a customer on Provider’s website and public customer lists

As part of the Program, Provider will give a discount to Partner if Partner signs a long-term customer agreement for the Product after completing the Program. Discount amount: 25.0%

Effective Date

The date the Agreement starts is the date of the first login to the Product.


6 months

Governing Law

The laws of New York

Chosen Courts (Jurisdiction or where disputes are filed

The courts (whether state, federal, or otherwise) located in New York


There are no Fees under this Agreement.

Provider and Partner have not changed the Standard Terms except for the details on the Cover Page above.